Whale Grooved Pressure Switch WU7207 for Whale Water Systems


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The pressure switch can be used with 12/24V Whale submersible and in-line electric pumps.
The pressure switch is designed for simple freshwater pressure systems. Use for any other purpose or with any other liquid is not recommended and is entirely at the user’s risk.

WHALE Grooved Pressure Switch. Switches the pump on or off by detecting the change in pressure in the water system. Fitted in-line, the Whale Pressure Switch provides a simple and convenient way of creating a pressure system with an electric pump that does not have its own switch. The Pressure Switch is normally fitted close to the pump on discharge side (before any in-line Y piece). The Pressure Switch detects the opening and closing of any tap in the system. An in-line filter is recommended on the inlet side to prevent dirt from entering the pump or switch.

This Whale product is covered by 1 years warranty.