Via Mondo XL Awning Canopy Driveaway Kit (320CMS, 6MM/4MM)


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The Driveaway kit enables you to attach and detach your awning with ease. Simply pull the beading strip out of the figure of eight and the awning rail and drive away, and re-thread when you return.

This drive away awning fixing kit is designed for Motorhomes with a 3 metre wide awning which needs to be fixed to your Fiamma or Omnistore but still enables you to exploit the full drive away features of your awning.
Comprising of the following components:
300cm of 6mm -4mm double channel beading for Fiamma or Omnistore
How to use an awning drive away fixing kit:
Simply slide the Figure of Eight Strips onto your existing Awning Beading.
Slide the 6mm – 4mm Double Channel onto the figure of eight strips
Slide the other side of the Double Channel onto your Fiamma or Omni Store
When you need to drive away, simply slide the double channel out of the fixings and away you go.