Via Mondo Breathable Awning Carpet (various sizes available)


Via Mondo
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Perfect for carpeting your awning to keep you comfy and grass free! Available in multiple sizes this awning carpet suits almost any awning. The material ensures no grass dies by allowing it to breathe while at the same time keeping out any unwanted bugs and dirt out! Being washable and rot proof this carpet is perfect for full season awnings or temporary awning pitches.

-Allows grass to breathe but keeps out bugs and dirt.

-Washable and rot proof.
-Fully eyeletted and hemmed.
-Comes with reusable zipper bag.

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300cmx250cm, 350cmx250cm, 400cmx250cm, 450cmx250cm, 500cmx250cm, 550cmx250cm, 600cmx250cm, 700cmx250cm, 750cmx250cm


Via Mondo

Via Mondo