Stinger Caravan Mirror


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1 x Stinger Mirror.
  Best suited to smaller car-style mirrors.
  This mirror comes fully constructed with two rubber straps that wrap around the vehicles own mirror and clips onto     the plastic hooks underneath. 
 Two straight unhinged arms grip the upper and lower edges of your cars mirror body. 
 The rubber straps are long enough to fit all sizes of car mirrors.

 Large plastic lugs help it grip securely.

Simple to easy to attach car towing mirror for caravansFitting Instructions:

1. Clip the mirror arms (1) on the car mirror

2. Secure the arms by using the two rubber straps (2) adjusting the buckles (3) and fit the hooks (4) on the mirror arm. If the car mirror is tapered, cross the straps over for a tight fit.

3. The mirror is ready for use and adjustable from the driver’s seat, as well as the passenger’s seat.