Sargent PX-300 Intelligent Leisure Battery Charger


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The PX300 is a 300W 3 stage intelligent battery charger and power supply.

This air cooled unit is idea as a replacement for many makes and models of charger, and is also suitable for new installations.
The PX300 comes with a short adaptor cable which matches the 12V connector on many Nordelettronica charger units. This cable can also be used with 6.3mm female spade terminals.
A short 230V mains cable is also supplied, for connection to a 5A fused 230V supply

Compatability and Use.
This leisure battery charger is configured to work with standard lead acid leisure batteries, and in most cases is also compatible with the latest range of
AGM ( Absorbed Glass Matt ) Batteries.
Recommended battery capacity; 85 to 220Ah.
This Sargent battery charger can be safely left switched on as required.
Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage:230V AC 50Hz 3A
Output Voltage:13.6 to 14.4V DC 300 Watts
Dimensions:240 x 135 x 48mm (excluding connectors)
Weight:1.18 Kg
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