Reich Sub Pump/Auto Vent/Strainer 18L for Caravans


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Reich pumps are very long-lasting and strong. Special high-tech sealing adds to their durability. Many pumps include a proprietary vent that speeds up delivery once immersed.

All of the pumps are exceptionally quiet when in operation, and the housing material is dirt-resistant, making them easier to clean when necessary.

Immersion pumps that are both durable and high-performing, as well as their benefits:

REICH pumps are extremely durable and ideal for short dry runs thanks to a specific high-tech seal with lubrication.

After submerging into the tank, a proprietary ventilation system built into several of our pumps offers instant output.

Pumps from REICH are exceedingly quiet, scarcely heard.

The casing’s surface is dirt-resistant, easy to clean, and thus exceedingly sanitary.

A check valve that can be found in several REICH pumps simplifies pipework.

Higher output than pressure pumps

100% inspection before leaving production

Low weight


  • 12v
  • 0.9 bar with automatic vent and strainer
  • 18 Litres per minute