Puriclean Water Purification Treatment Caravan Water System Cleaner



Puriclean 100g / 400g Water Purification Treatment

 Puriclean provides a simple and effective method of cleaning and purifying the complete water system.

 Puriclean is non-toxic and non-caustic, it does not smell, foam or harm any components in the water system.


 Puriclean also removes stains and cleans many domestic items such as glassware, plastic tableware, tea and coffee pots, china, cutlery and stainless steel items such as vacuum flasks.

Use for boats, caravans, motor homes and coaches  water systems

Eradicates bacteria, viruses, biofilm, algae, and fungi

All water tanks, pipes, taps become contaminated with dirt, stains bacteria and algae.


  • Cleans up to 270l (60Gal).
  • Simple to use.
  • Cleans and purifys water systems (including stainless steel boilers).
  • Can be used on a massive range of household items

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