MPK Rooflight with Fly Net 400mm x 400mm for Caravans in Beige


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Multi directional rooflight with opaque, flexible double skinned dome and beige frame. Telescopic arms allows the rooflight to be opened to any side. The dome skins have spacers between to guarantee free airflow that cannot be reduced by snow weight, Comes complete with removable flynet.
Technical data:

Included with delivery

1x Rooflight with outer frame
1x Inner frame
1x Flynet frame

Additionally required for installation (not included in delivery)

1x Elastic sealant adhesive, e.g. Dekalin Dekaseal 8936 or SikaLastomer-710

8x Fixing screws for the upper frame
Pan 3,5 mm / head according to DIN ISO 7049 (DIN 7981) /

The length of the screw should be determined by the roof thickness,

plus approximately 10 mm for the screw to enter the upper frame.

Aperture 400 x 400 mm

Roof thickness 24-56 bzw. 42-70 mm

Corner radius 23 mm

Site dome 470 x 470 mm

Height over roof 91 mm

Ventilation 150 / 30 cm²

Weight 2,5 kg

Size inner frame 470 x 470 x 14 mm

Outer frame material Polypropylene

Dome material Polypropylene

Speed limit 130 km/h

Authorization ECE R43 -019649