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Size. 1 Litre

Bobby Dazzler is a unique finish not just for caravans and motorhomes, but also for cars, lorries and vans. Bobby Dazzler is used in the rinse off water to provide a protective coat, that enhances the shine that is already there. Bobby Dazzler repels water very quickly, this helps dry the vehicle quickly, it also keeps it cleaner for longer and makes it easier to clean next time. Bobby Dazzler was designed after years spent finding problems caused by the misuse of wax polishes. Most of the difficult or problematic vehicles to clean have been polished at some time or another. Waxes cause a problem when they have been applied incorrectly i.e. used to remove stains (all you achieve is to lock the stains under a layer of wax), applied to a dirty vehicle and applied unevenly.

It might not show immediately but after 6 months to a year the wax will start to cause a problem. The wax degrades due to environmental attack (UV, wind, rain, heat, and cold) it becomes rough and discolours. Water runs very slowly over the surface leaving the dirt behind, black streaks return very quickly and the vehicle becomes harder and harder to keep clean. Most people would now polish the vehicle again, but all they end up doing is locking that layer of dirty degraded wax under another layer of wax. What should really happen, is the wax polish should be removed, not an easy task and then polished again. This is a skilled job and hard work, also very difficult to do without removing any paint from the vehicle. Why go to all this hassle, only to cause problems and hard work?

Bobby Dazzler is simply applied in the rinse off water. At 1 capful per 4 litres of water, it goes a very long way. Bobby Dazzler protects against road traffic film, salt spray, acid rain, rust, and airborne pollutants. It contains algae and mould inhibitor to slow their return. When the vehicle becomes dirty, it is easily washed as the dirt is stuck to the Bobby Dazzler and not the surface of the vehicle. When the vehicle is washed the Bobby Dazzler is washed off, so it does not build up and cause problems.